Smart Mobility

The mobility of the future is smart, multimodal, eco-friendly and connected: In the Smart City, cars, trams, buses and bicycles are connected to digital services and smart infrastructure. This results in innovative solutions for a better mobility.

We accompany you on the way to customer-oriented solutions for the city of the future - for example, with our solutions in the areas of multimodal mobility, car sharing, fleet management or electric mobility.


5,3 billion €
forecasted market volume for bike sharing services worldwide in 2020
up to 35%
of new vehicle sales in 2025 will be generated by new mobility services such as car sharing
12,7 millions
of charging stations for electric vehicles worldwide by 2020

Digital train

Digitalization in the world of rail-bound transport is opening up new possibilities for availability and travel comfort. Software, networking and integration are gaining importance. We integrate vehicle technology with computer science for you.

With our many years of experience in the development of modern software systems combined with our outstanding expertise in the development of rail vehicle functions, we are by your side on your digitalization journey.

  • Systems Engineering & E-Engineering
  • Software & IT solutions
  • Test bench & HiL development
  • Verification & Validation
  • Safety
  • Approval support
  • Modernization
  • ETCS - Integration
  • Model-based development - the all-in-one solution for car sharing and vehicle pools

From booking to payment - all in one software package. User-friendly, simple and comprehensive: is the first solution specifically designed for car sharing. For vehicles with combustion engine or electric drive, for passenger cars or two-wheeled vehicles; for freefloating, location-based or mixed forms of carsharing.

Rydies digitizes and integrates bicycle-related services

In addition to public transport and car sharing, the so-called "last mile" is a key component of modern mobility concepts. Connected by apps, these means of transport can complement each other perfectly. Smart cities, where commuters always find their ideal means of transport, are the focus of the mobility industry.

However, a large proportion of bicycle mobility offers and providers either cannot be found online at all or are scattered across a large number of websites and apps. This is where Rydies comes into play: Rydies integrates and digitizes information, availability and booking for parking, rental, sharing and charging services for bicycles. The data can be integrated into the websites, apps and terminals of local transport companies. In this way, public transport companies and local authorities offer their users the ideal entry into multimodal mobility.

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