18. April 2024 News

Embracing the Future: A new chapter for in-tech

in-tech 3.0 as part of the Infosys family: Better, More Capable, More International - and Still "Orange"

by Tobias Wagner (CEO) aand Christian Wagner (Founder and Advisory Board member)

A New Chapter on an Exciting Journey

Tobias Wagner:  "Orange is much more than just our company color. It symbolizes vibrancy, warmth, dynamism, and courage—values that have accompanied and shaped us on our journey with in-tech from the very beginning. 

When my brother Christian founded the company over 20 years ago in our parents' attic, I could never have imagined the exciting and successful journey that would lay ahead:

The startup phase was a turbulent, exciting time filled with many challenges and opportunities. It was characterized by great commitment, creativity, and hard work. Our 'orange' values were already central to us then—and they quickly led us to grow larger and more successful. 

Following this initial growth phase came in-tech 2.0: Through partnerships with strong financial backers, we were able to make targeted acquisitions in addition to our organic growth. We have since grown into a successful, internationally active company with over 2000 employees in 8 countries.   

Today, we begin a new chapter in our company history: We enter the third phase! in-tech becomes part of the global Infosys family. 

I am personally very excited about this new section of our journey—this strategic partnership catapults our offerings and the value we provide our customers to an unprecedented level.

in-tech 3.0: Even Better and More Capable, but Still Orange

Tobias Waggner: "But don't worry: For our employees, customers, and partners, everything remains the same. in-tech is and will remain in-tech—with the familiar management, our proven teams, and our established locations.

We remain absolutely true to our 'orange'—but we will get even better:

With Infosys as our strategic partner, we are now launching as in-tech 3.0: With access to unmatched know-how, resources, and a global presence. Thanks to Infosys' global network, which spans 56 countries and includes over 320,000 employees, we are significantly expanding our portfolio in the areas of development and digitalization.

In the future, we will be able to offer our customers comprehensive End2End solutions: As the development of complex products increasingly presents digital challenges, such as the software-defined vehicle. Together with Infosys, we are well-equipped to guide our customers through this digital transformation."

Shared Values, Shared Future

Christian Wagner: "When choosing a new partner, it was not just about technologies for us. Our 'orange' values and our unique corporate culture are at the core of our identity and have strongly influenced this decision. 

As a founder, it was our goal from the start not just to create a company but to create a community. in-tech thrives on the expertise and motivation of our teams, and our corporate culture has always been key to our success. That's why it is absolutely crucial for us to preserve this unique, warm, and dynamic culture. 

With Infosys, we have found the perfect partner because we share our enthusiasm for innovation, sustainability, fairness, and a positive working environment. 

The consistency with which Infosys advocates for and implements these values has deeply impressed me. This commitment is reaffirmed by achievements such as the repeated award as 'World’s Most Ethical Company'. 

I am very pleased that we have found a family in Infosys that puts people at the center just as we do. With Infosys by our side, we have a partner who shares our vision and values, and I am very excited about what we will achieve together."

A New Chapter Full of Possibilities

Tobias Wagner: "Since day one, I have accompanied the development of in-tech and am incredibly proud of how far we have come together. 

This new step with Infosys is not only a testament to our past success but also a promise for our future. in-tech 3.0 will be more powerful, more capable, and more international, without losing our 'orange' identity. 

I am thrilled to shape this new chapter together with Infosys—and with all of you. A heartfelt thank you for being part of this exciting journey!"

With warm regards, 

Tobias Wagner (CEO) and Christian Wagner (Founder and Advisory Board Member)