Are you orange?

It is essential to us that new team members are a good fit. To make sure you know what to expect from us, we have asked our colleagues in a company-wide survey about what in-tech actually means. We asked:

What are we like? What matters to us? What advice would you give to a new co-worker? Check out the answers!

Stay creative and flexible

With us you have to stay curious and flexible, because we keep working on new projects. We are innovative, we act fast and we like to try new paths. That's why you should always be open for new ideas with us - and you're also welcome to contribute your own ideas.

Be a team player

If in-tech represents one thing, then it's an extraordinary team spirit! You will notice it immediately: We treat each other very friendly, straightforward and in a positive way across all hierarchical levels. With us you can be "yourself" and enjoy laughing. In order for you to fit into the team, we expect you to be helpful, collaborative, and open for your colleagues.

Show some passion

If work is fun, then the outcome will be great. That's why we approach our tasks with passion and strive to achieve the best possible results. That' s why it is important to us for you to show motivation and commitment, to give your best and to keep growing.

Just do it

There's a problem? We will find a solution! We approach our tasks pragmatically and with confidence. For you, that means: think for yourself, try to find good solutions and just "do it".

Think for yourself and show responsibility

Have the courage to be independent and take responsibility - for yourself, your team and for the big picture.


You can really address anyone with us. Do you have a question? Our colleagues will be happy to help you. Is there a problem? Just speak up, we'll find a solution. All that matters is that you are open, honest and respectful.