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We develop solutions for the mobility of the future: From new vehicle concepts to car sharing software to innovative solutions for electric mobility - our jobs are multifaceted. Do you feel like tackling the tasks of the future today? We offer interesting jobs in development, system integration, analysis or project management - just to name a few. We are looking for engineers, computer scientists, technicians, economists and career changers who are willing to put their foot down!

What you can do at in-tech? Find some examples of typical job profiles here:

Development engineer
Software developer


Engineers at in-tech work in all areas of our company and develop various solutions: The spectrum ranges from vehicle electronics to solutions for rail transport vehicles to developing our own test bench solutions.

We work on exciting trends for the future: From electric vehicles to digital train to autonomous driving or virtual validation. In addition, we specialize in areas such as model-based systems engineering and functional safety.

Our job fields for engineers are broadly diversified - we cover the entire spectrum of the development process: We assess the requirements of a product, advise on technical implementation options and translate the initial ideas into an overall technical concept. Our activities therefore range from requirements management to system architecture and function development to implementation of hardware and software.

Our teams are as diverse as our solutions: We are looking for engineers from the fields of electrical engineering, automotive engineering, mechatronics and mechanical engineering. Find all jobs for engineers in our job board.

Requirements Engineering

System architecture

Model-based Systems Engineering

Software development

Functional Safety & RAMS

Hardware development

Software development

We develop software for the mobility of the future! The spectrum ranges from apps for Smart Mobility or Smart Factory through simulation and analysis software for vehicle development to embedded software in the vehicle. In addition, we also deal with server and cloud solutions including the associated system architecture, as well as solutions in the big data and machine learning environment.

Depending on the respective application we use different programming languages such as C, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, Python, HTML, CSS. We work agile and use the Atlassian Toolchain.

For these fields we are looking for software developers, system architects and project managers who fit into one of our competence teams. You can find all jobs in our job board.

Functional Development, Business & Control Logic

Embedded & Model-Based development

Applications & Frontend

App Development

User Experience Design

Cloud, Web & Backend

Test and validation

A modern vehicle contains more than 100 million lines of code - seven times as much as a commercial aircraft and more than twice as much as a modern operating system! It is the task of our test and analysis engineers to make sure that this complex product will drive safely on the roads.

We test the software and electronics in various vehicles - from passenger cars and motorcycles to e-bikes and trains. The activities range from early software tests to ECU tests on the test bench to testing and analysis of the entire system on the laboratory vehicle. We specify test cases, carry out a wide variety of tests and analyse any errors that occur together with the responsible developers.

We focus in particular on intelligent validation: That is why we develop methods for test automation or automated analysis and also carry out tests in virtual environments. We can, for example, test driver assistance systems without driving on the road!

In this area we are looking for electrical engineers, computer scientists or technicians. Check out our job board.

Test and validation

System testing

Test of all system-relevant functions in complex systems (e.g. automotive, commercial vehicle or motorcycle)

Test specification and test case creation

Test automation


Voltage tests, bus physics, network management, flash or diagnostic tests, hardware tests in the climate chamber, etc.

Virtualization of tests


Analyzing bus logs or fault memories

Analysis measurements

Defect analysis and documentation

Coordination and planning

You are someone who likes to keep track of things, who creates structure in every situation and who likes to be in contact with different people? Then you are in the right place in the area of coordination and planning.

Complex development projects do not work without good planning: Our coordinative team deals with the planning, control and coordination of project workflows. At the interface of technology and management, we collect and distribute information where it is needed.

In this area we are looking for economists, industrial engineers and IT specialists as well as career changers. Take a look at our job board to find your job offer.

Project coordination: Reporting and monitoring of projects

Committee management: steering and coordination of committees

Test management: coordination of test procedures, communication between development and test teams

Problem management: Coordination of troubleshooting by development departments

Quality management: early detection of quality problems, coordination of quality processes and ensuring the implementation of quality requirements

Vehicle testing

In the area of functional testing, everything revolves around the vehicle: in this area, we deal with testing the entire vehicle - from driving tests to measurement technology support. We are looking for technicians, automotive mechatronics engineers and similar qualifications. You can find all jobs in the job board.

Vehicle testing

Free and customer-oriented testing

Testing using ready-made test sets

Testing of specific scenarios

error documentation

Car-related tasks

Mechanical modifications and commissioning of test vehicles

Installation and commissioning of measurement technology

Software and hardware upgrade (flashing, coding)

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