Transport Systems

Everything to do with the digital rail: We combine deep knowledge of rail vehicle technology with distinctive expertise in systems, software and safety engineering. This enables us to offer you flexible solutions and partnerships in the functional development and modernization of rail vehicles.

We are a member of the German Railway Industry Association (VDB) and Cluster Bahntechnik Bayern (CNA).

Our services at a glance

Engineering in rail vehicle development & rail vehicle technology

Technical expertise and methodological consulting

Modernization and digitalization


We combine the worlds of classic rail vehicle technology with modern software and IT solutions.

Functional safety

We advise on all questions of functional safety and provide support in the verification process

Systems engineering and e-engineering

With comprehensive expertise in the functional development of rail vehicles of all vehicle types in the mainline and urban transport sectors, we are available as a service provider and development partner in new development and retrofitting.

Standard-compliant development

With our expertise in the standard-compliant development and testing of safety-critical systems in the railroad and automotive sectors, we ensure the quality of your development and accompany you through to verification.

Process and method consulting

We are developers with broad technical knowledge of rail vehicles, in the development of safety-critical and complex systems also in the automotive and mechanical engineering sectors. We are characterized by pragmatism and proximity to the users of the processes and methods.

Virtualization and Simluation

For early testing, we develop models and simulation for virtual development and integration on the test bench of rail vehicles and systems. In doing so, we also draw on in-tech's many years of experience in the field of virtual validation in the automotive sector.

Approval support

We provide support on the way to approval and, based on the verification plan, monitor and control all the activities required for successful approval, particularly in the area of BOStrab.

Safety-critical software

We are your competent partner for the development of safety-critical control technology and software solutions for rail vehicles and railroad infrastructure systems.

Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)

Benefit from the advantages of model-based systems engineering: We pave your way from document-centric approaches to consistent development models and frontloading in development. With our many years of experience in the introduction and application of MBSE, we provide you with pragmatic and targeted support.

ETCS retrofit

Our range of services for ETCS retrofitting extends from project implementation, through overall responsibility for planning and execution, to project management and the assumption of individual work packages as an engineering partner.

Engineering and Integration

Software Engineering

System Integration & Systems Engineering

Test and Acceptance

Test and acceptance concept

Test planning and execution


Conversion and retrofitting with workshops and partners

Series conversion

Approval and safety

Approval planning and implementation

Safety management and engineering